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Raleigh police investigate fatal stabbing

WRAL NewsRaleigh police were investigating a fatal stabbing Monday night.

Woman at Staples: Not shoplifting, just pregnant with twins

Woman accused of shopliftingA manager at an office supply store in North Carolina has been fired after a pregnant woman shopping there was confronted about what she was concealing beneath her shirt: "Twins," she said.

Three charged in shooting death of Wilson teen

Shawn BarnesThree people have been charged in connection with the shooting death of a 16-year-old Wilson boy.

NC woman's cancer struggle inspired 'rocks of hope' but new fear over her children's health

A woman's cancer battle inspires many but new challenges may loomIt's one thing to find out you have terminal cancer, but its another thing to find out your kids may have it too. Ashley Linden back has been struggling with her cancer diagnosis for nearly five years. Now, her children are being tested for similar symptoms that could indicate a cancer diagnosis. She said she is trying to stay hopeful.

Authorities: Man broke into Raleigh home to rape 9-year-old girl

Fernando Valdez, child rapeA Raleigh man is accused of breaking into a home so he could rape a 9-year-old girl, authorities said Monday.

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